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Best of both worlds

Posted by Ammar Mango on August 10, 2012

Having lived and worked in both the Middle East and the United States, I love different aspects from both.  They say one cannot have it all, but it would be nice if you could.  So if I can combine the things I like from the Middle East and from America we can get something that combines the best of both worlds.

Word of caution: If I list something I like in Jordanian workplace, it does not mean the American workplace does NOT have it.  It just means that to me, it is a highlight in the Jordanian workplace, and vice versa.

Well, here is my list for the “Best of Both Worlds” workplace:

Top Five things I would take from American workplace:

1. Accomodating personal needs and respect for personal time: lots of care is given to the needs of the employees.  You can take your pet to work with you in many companies.  You can personalize your workspace.  You can pick your working hours and do some work from home, etc.  There is respect for personal time and rarely interrupted after hours to be asked about work related issues.

2. Collaboration: I like the openness to listen to everyone, not the autocratic system where everybody listens to and agrees with what the boss says.

3. Room for growth: If you know what you are doing you can move up the career ladder very fast and get rewarded.

4. Abundance of resources and support: Universities, research, cutting edge technology, etc.  All help you get the support you need to do what you need to do.

5. Professionalism and work ethics: Respecting the work of others, copyright, social responsibility, are demanded of all employees and they are the norm rather than the exception.

Top five things I would take from Jordanian workplace:

1. Leveraged resource pool:  We have energetic, capable, and eager team members who want to grow, learn, and go off the beaten path to excel.  Team members can deliver beyond their years of experience.  A 2 year experience is like 4 or 5 somewhere else.

2. Family and friends support system: the warmth and support they give me after work is irreplaceable.

3. Spiritual support system: The belief and surrender to God gives Jordanians peace of mind in a very turbulent environment.

4. Resourcefulness: Give Jordanians a task, and they will use anything at hand to reach the goal.  They will not whine about lack of resources, or wait until you give them more support.  They will just get it done to the best of their ability with whatever they have.

5. International outlook: One hour in any direction by plane and you are in a totally different country.  Provides room to capitalize on international opportunities.


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