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Values To-Go

Posted by Ammar Mango on July 21, 2013

It is amazing how even with the most graceful and hospitable nations, individuals can become so aggressive and unfriendly on the street and at work.  Examples of that are seen on the streets in the way people drive, at work in their ethics, and in how they deal with “strangers.”  While many would welcome a stranger home and share with them food and tea, they might not allow another driver to cut in front of them except after a big fight.

This is not an article about driving etiquette, but about the things that we leave at home when we need to have with us at all times, including at work.  I made a list of the top nine things a human should carry at all times, but many do not.

9.  Positive Attitude: encouragement or a feel-good comments.  Some consider it part of honesty or telling it as it is when they criticize or put others down.  It has nothing to do with either.  Be honest about something that will make others feel good.

8. World Citizenship: Thinking of the world as home.  Keeping it safe and clean just like one would own home.

7. Vulnerability: To deny our vulnerabilities is to deny our humanity.  It is a sign of strength to accept vulnerability.  Many try to look strong in a fake fashion that exposes their vulnerability further.

6. A Smile:  Smiling is not a weakness.  It is a positive gesture.  Smile to make self and others feel better.

5. Compassion: The love we share with our families and friends can and should be expanded to fellow human beings.

4. Forgiveness:  To forgive others when they make a mistake is something that many think is a weakness. It is a weakness if you do not confront and resolve.  However, to forgive is to accept our humanity.

3. Kindness: We are willing to help our children even if at our own expense, but not a stranger.

2. Fairness: “The noble thing to do” should not take a backseat to “doing whatever it takes to win.”

1. Values: We teach our kids not to lie, but many do it themselves without thinking about it twice. Some see it as the only way to adapt and get by.


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