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A Manager’s Entourage

Posted by Ammar Mango on February 16, 2013


– A group of people surrounding the manager, usually subordinates and suppliers, who become part of the scene around the manager.  I have seen managers with different types of entourages.  Some are fun, others are helpful, and a few dangerous ones.  A Manager’s entourage varies depending on the manager’s style.  For fun but also contemplation, I list below the types of entourages I see around different types of managers, grouped by manager type:

Y Managers’ Entourage:  A Y Manager is also called a “leader” manager or a “facilitating manager.” The Y Manager believes that with the right leadership, subordinates positively react to trust, respect, and empowerment.  So he or she treats people accordingly.  Here are the entourages one finds around a Y Manager:

– Learners: They are here to learn from being around this person.  They heard about her or him and want to learn from the Y Manager.

– Fans: fans love the atmosphere around a Y Manager and want an environment where they can excel and be most productive.  They are fans of the Y Manager and want to benefit from being part of her or his environment.

– Supporters: They respect the mission and vision of the Y Manager and commit themselves to them.  So, they make it their mission to help him or her achieve whatever noble goals the Y Manager is out there to achieve.  

X Managers’ Entourage: X Managers have little faith in humanity and usually a very inflated ego.  They believe that only they care about the company or department and no one else, and if it was not for them, everything will go to ruins.  They believe that if it was not them running after lazy employees, most of them would not do their job and they only work under continuous scrutiny, coercion, and put downs from the X Manager.  Here are the common types of entourage around an X Manager:

– Relatives:  Since the X manager cannot trust anyone,  they draw a small circle around them of family and friends that they know they can rely on, because everybody else is not to be trusted.  

– Friends:Same as above.

– Look-a-likes:  If X managers are going to have to hire from outside their circle of family and friends, they will probably go to look-a-likes:  People who think and behave like them or at least willing to pretend to be.  So the organization as a whole becomes a reflection of the manager.  

– Sidekicks: This type of entourage is like the sidekicks you see around the school bully.  They have no character or special abilities, and try to gain strength from being around and protected by the bully. they always agree with the boss, tell him or her how great their ideas are, and never ever throw in a different perspective.  They actually ridicule and bully everybody who their manager bullies.

– Hypocrites: They tell the X Manager what he or she likes to hear to gain his favors and get benefits from being around the manager.

Weak Managers’ Entourage:  A weak manager is also call a “Country Club” manager.  Never able to reprimand team members, or tell them when he is not satisfied with their performance.  He is too soft to face any conflict or issues.   He is weak.  Here are the people drawn around the weak manager:

– Hyenas:  Even though they are around the boss, each one of them has a special agenda of accumulating power around them.  They have internal struggles and conflicts between them as each is trying to oust the others from taking on the absent boss’ responsibilities as he is either not interested or incapable of carrying them.

– Sharks:  They use the incapability of the manager to make personal gains, even if unethically.  They are around to exploit opportunities to make personal deals and gain benefits whether monetary or otherwise.

Take this with a grain of salt.  You might be a Y Manager and end up with a hypocrite in your entourage, or a hyena even.  These are just general observations, for humor and contemplation.


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