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The bare minimum reading for a Project Manager

Posted by Ammar Mango on February 10, 2013

A project manager who loves reading is at a great advantage.  There is a lot to read when you are a project manager: The contract (you better read it!), progress reports, emails, change requests, specs, etc etc.

In addition to what a project manager has to read for projects work, there is reading to learn and build knowledge.  I believe everything a project manager reads can help build knowledge, even fiction, and I am not referring to rigged progress reports here 🙂

There are books that a project manager must read.  Here are ten that a Project Manager is missing a lot if missed any of them:

– PMBOK, latest edition (fifth as of today)

– The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz

–  The five temptations of a CEO (or manager for the european version, but it is the same book),  Patrick Lencioni

–  The One Minute Manager, Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson

–  Winning, Jack Welch

– Art of War, Sun Tzu

– On Being a leader, Warren Bennis

– The Goal, Eli Goldratt

– WoW Projects, Tom Peters

– Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning,
Scheduling, and Controlling Harold, Ph.D. Kerzner.


5 Responses to “The bare minimum reading for a Project Manager”

  1. Great list! If your readers want to study project management books online with the authors, please encourage them to check out the Project Management Book Club.

  2. Motasem said

    Art of War?! Are you sure it is for a “civil” project manager? May be for project managers in the “Military” industry 🙂

  3. Mohammad Amawi said

    Quite interesting and informative as usual Ammar, thanks a lot. I’ll add to them a few which I also think are useful:
    1- The Lazy Project Manager- Peter Taylor
    2- The Alpha Project Manager- Andy Crowe
    3- No Non-sense advice for successful projects- Neal Whitten

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